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4 Foods to Eat that Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

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It's no secret that skin cancer is a problematic issue in Australia. Catching some rays might feel good on your skin and provide you with a healthy glow, but there's enough evidence out there to suggest that consistent exposure to UV radiation from sunlight is a major cause of skin cancer in Australian citizens.

Conducting frequent skin checks for signs and symptoms, applying sunscreen on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle are all widely-known methods of preventing skin cancer from causing severe damage to your body. Whilst these methods remain essential in reducing your chance of developing skin cancer, additional ways to lower are by doing as something as simple as eating the right type of foods.

Listed here are four foods that can actively fight the onset of skin cancer. Not only are they tasty and easy to attain wherever you are, they all happen to begin with the letter C.


Carrots are widely considered to be a terrific addition to anybody's diet, offering several health benefits for anyone who tucks into these veggies on a regular basis. Yet, perhaps the greatest beneficial trait of carrots is the fact that they actively protect your skin from the UV radiation that causes skin cancer. These vegetables contain properties that reflect the sun away from your skin, giving the body an additional boost of vitamin A which has been shown to fight skin cancer.

It's also useful to take note of the benefits of pigments like carotenoids. Other foods containing this same pigment are all high in a substance called beta-carotene which helps to neutralise the effects of sunburn. Whilst carrots can be regarded as perhaps the most beneficial member of this group when it comes to battling skin cancer, it's still worth trying to incorporate a high amount of sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, and tomatoes into your diet too.


Curry isn't often regarded as the healthiest addition to a diet, but when it comes to skin cancer, it turns out eating a rich, creamy curry with a kick might actually help you to defend yourself against melanoma. Turmeric is a spice that's frequently added to curries for added flavour, and found within this spice is a yellow pigment called curcumin. This element has displayed cancer-fighting effects, with research showing how the ingredient can actively interfere with the development of cancerous skin cells, halting their progress and preventing deadly damage.


Many people love a cup of hot coffee, and whilst there is debate about whether caffeine is good or bad for your health overall, research indicates that it might be hugely beneficial when it comes to skin cancer. A study conducted as recently as 2012 has suggested that "increased caffeine intake is associated with reduced risk of basal cell carcinoma of the skin". This research appears to indicate that the mug of hot java you regularly sip on after waking up might not just be making you feel alive in the morning time, it might actually be keeping your skin healthy, too.


If you enjoy biting down on a juicy lemon from time to time, you might well have been battling the onset of skin cancer without even realising it. Research has indicated that applying citrus peel on the body may lower your chances of developing skin cancer by as much as 34%. The peels of citrus fruits contain limonoids—compounds that have been proven to actively halt the spread of cancerous cells on the skin. With this mind, perhaps it's time that you started eating the peels of citrus fruits as well as the fruits themselves.

Learn more about how your diet can affect your chances of getting skin cancer by consulting skin cancer clinics near you.