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Auditory Processing Disorder In Children: FAQs

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Auditory processing disorder is a hearing problem that affects people of all ages. ADP affects the manner in which an individual’s brain processes sound signals. As such, the hearing ability of affected individuals is compromised. While ADP may affect people of all ages, its development often begins in the early years of life. The article below provides vital information about ADP in children. This information is vital for parents and caregivers. Read More»

Lupus Nephritis: Symptoms And Treatments

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Lupus can be a difficult, damaging illness to live with at the best of times, and lupus sufferers should also strive to keep their condition under control as much as is faesibly possible. However, no lupus treatment is 100% effective. It’s important that lupus sufferers, as well as people who know and care for them, are aware of the damage it can cause, and what steps should be taken to treat this damage. Read More»

Getting Your Balance Back After Fracturing a Foot or Ankle Bone

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After breaking a bone on your foot or ankle, you often spend a considerable amount of time resting up while waiting for your bones to heal. Not only does that result in some weaker muscles in your legs from lack of use, but you can often lose some confidence while spending time out of action. If it’s time for you to get back on your feet, it’s important to work on your balance so that you can feel and move more confidently. Read More»

3 Alternative Treatments For Back Pain In Pregnancy

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Back pain is a common pregnancy complaint that often occurs due to the physical and hormonal changes to your body that pregnancy brings. The ligaments in your back and hips loosen as your body releases a hormone called relaxin, which prepares your body for labour. However, looser ligaments can leave your muscles feeling sore and put strain on your spine. Additionally, your spine can move out of alignment as your bump grows. Read More»

How to Apply the RICE Method to a Sprain or Strain

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If you’ve either sprained or strained part of your body, you’ve probably been advised to follow the ‘RICE’ method – rest, ice, compress, elevate. Of course, you should always consult a doctor if the injury is serious, but most light sprains and strains can be treated effectively using the RICE method. Here’s everything which you need to know. Rest For some reason, many people feel most inclined to move around when they can’t do so without hurting themselves. Read More»

Physiotherapy for writer's cramp

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Enthusiastic writers can easily find themselves writing deep into the night entranced with their novel, or perhaps they are just trying to pay the bills. Focal dystonia, or writer’s cramp, occurs when people write for long periods of time without rest, and it is exacerbated by poor hand and wrist position when writing. Here are some ideas to get relief from your writer’s cramp, while still keeping the words flowing. Read More»

4 Foods to Eat that Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

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It’s no secret that skin cancer is a problematic issue in Australia. Catching some rays might feel good on your skin and provide you with a healthy glow, but there’s enough evidence out there to suggest that consistent exposure to UV radiation from sunlight is a major cause of skin cancer in Australian citizens. Conducting frequent skin checks for signs and symptoms, applying sunscreen on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle are all widely-known methods of preventing skin cancer from causing severe damage to your body. Read More»

Understanding Hearing Tests for Children

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Hearing tests form part of your child’s routine healthcare schedule, but they can also be performed when your baby has been exposed to an infection in the womb or if your child has had a virus that can cause damage to any part of their ears. The tests used for babies and young children differ from adult hearing tests and are designed to give accurate readings when your child is not yet verbal or doesn’t have the attention span to endure an adult test. Read More»